Scrabble Bee

 Save the Date!   April 21, 2016 @ the Lismore Hotel & Conference Center

It’s Scrabble with a twist!  A team of 6 work together to build words.  Play 3 games.  The team achieving the highest total for all 3 games is declared the winner!  Enjoy an evening of friendly competition!   Proceeds from individual and team donations along with corporate sponsorships help us continue to provide literacy services for adults in Chippewa, Dunn and Eau Claire counties.

Team Registration

The Team Entry fee is $350.  There are two options to register:

1. Download, print and complete the form. Mail it along with your check to Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley, 800 Wisconsin St. Mailbox70, Suite #301, Eau Claire, WI 54703


2. Complete the online form & submit your payment with a credit card.

3.  Download and print the Team Brochure.

The Rules

Each team is assigned a Word Waiter, a regulation Scrabble Board and a bag of 100 tiles.

We will have 2 Divisions: 

1. The Tortoise Division is for those teams that prefer to play Scrabble the traditional way with no timer and with all tiles available.

2. The Hare Division is our version of speed Scrabble.

Played in three timed rounds, teams are given 100 tiles to build words as fast as possible. Each round increases in difficulty as tiles are removed and the time decreases. Normal scoring rules apply.

  • Round 1 = 20 minutes
  • Round 2 = 15 minutes — 20 tiles are removed, but you can buy them back for $5 each
  • Round 3 = 10 minutes — 10 tiles are removed, but you can buy them back for $5 each

Letter Point Values

1 point

A, E, I, O,U, L, N, R, S, T

2 points

D, G

3 points

B, C, M, P

4 points

F, H, V,W, Y

5 points


8 points

J. X

10 points

Q, Z

Teams are encouraged to raise donations for their team before the event.  Prizes will be awarded for individuals and teams who raise the most funds in their division! 

  • Individual  – Highest Fundraising
  • Team – Highest Fundraising
  • Team – Best Costume
  • Team – Most Points Scored


“Bee” A Sponsor

To ‘BEE’ a Sponsor  complete our on-line Sponsorship form. To complete the process you may:

1.  Either mail a check to Literacy Volunteers Chippewa Valley, Attn:  ScrabbleBee Committee, 800 Wisconsin St. Mailbox#70, Suite 301, Eau Claire 54703


2.  Pay by credit card by clicking here

Event Sponsor: $5,000

The ScrabbleBee event will only have 1 event sponsor.  Your company name and logo will be:

  • on all event materials including (signage, flyers, e-invites, press releases)
  • mentioned in WQOW TV-18 promos
  • mentioned in VolumeOne ads
  • mentioned thoughout the event and in streaming PowerPoint
  • recognized in the May newsletter
  • recognized in our Annual Report
  • recognized on our website
  • recognized in Social Media promotion
  • two team tables (12 players). 

Major Sponsor: $2,000

As a major sponsor your company name and/or logo will be:

  • included on all signage, flyers, e-invites, press releases
  • mentioned throughout the event and in streaming PowerPoint
  • recognized in the May newsletter
  • recognized in our Annual Report
  • recognized on our website
  • recognized in Social Media promotion 
  • one team table (6 players)

Game Sponsor: $1,000

As a Game Sponsor  your company name and/or logo will be:

  • featured as a sponsor of one game at the event
  • mentioned throughout the event and in streaming PowerPoint
  • Recognized in our Annual Report
  • Recognized on our website

Tile Sponsor: $500

As a tile sponsor your company name and/or logo will be:

  • mentioned throughout the event and in streaming PowerPoint 
  • Recognized on our website

Team Sponsor: $350

  • Sponsor one team of six people to participate in the event
  • Your company name and logo will be featured at the table 
  • To register your team, sign up here!


Donate a Basket for the Raffle

The basket raffle is an exciting part of Scrabble Bee – a fun basket creates a “Buzz” as participants “Scrabble” for their favorites. The baskets donated last year were a great success!  Proceeds from the raffle help us deliver literacy services to adults in the Chippewa Valley.

  • Basket Suggestions: Choose a theme around a book (scrap-booking, fishing, a children’s book, traveling, quilting, golfing, gardening, cooking, etc.).  A copy of the book should be included among the items in the basket. 
  • Baskets should be valued at approximately $125.
  • Complete this form as soon as possible! The earlier we have information about your donation, the more we are able to promote baskets to the team participants. 
  • Deliver your basket to our office no later than Friday, April 15th.  Or call us @ 715-834-0222 if we need to pick up your donation! 



Volunteer to “Bee” a Word Waiter


We need your help!  We are looking for volunteers to help as a “Word Waiter” for our 15th Annual Scrabble Bee to “bee” held:

Date:  Thursday, April 21, 2016

Time: Team Check in 5:15 p.m.; Games start @ 6:00 p.m.

Place:  The Lismore Hotel & Conference Center

As a “Word Waiter” you will supervise a 6-member team during the three rounds of “competition” to make sure they follow the rules and stop after each round. 

Duties include:

  • keeping track of the score,
  • reporting scores to officials, and
  • selling back tiles taken from the players in each round. 

Word Waiters have a busy night but are able to enjoy the free food and soda.

Download and print the Word Waiter sheet.

E-mail us now or call 715-834-0222 to be a word waiter!

Make a Pledge 


Your pledge in support of an indivdual or team can make a difference in the life of a Literacy Volunteers adult student who is learning to read, write, or speak in English, use a computer, do some basic math or get their GED. Download the Pledge Form, print it, ask for pledges, and bring the form with you with your pledge money to the ScrabbleBee event, or make your pledge on-line. 

Citizenship Book or pens, pencils, paper


GED Calculator


Provide Tutor Training Materials for one tutor


Provide materials & supplies for 1 month of Early Childhood Program 


Buy a new laptop


Sponsor a Student for a year 


Sponsor a Family in our Family Literacy Program for one year 



Sponsor a classroom for 5 months 


Your donations make a difference in the lives of the students and their families

13th Annual Scrabble Bee A Success!

Thirty-six teams turned out Thursday evening  April 24, 2014 at 29 Pines for fun and games, raffles and prizes, pizza, popcorn, beer & soda!

Click here to see pictures from our event.  

Thanks to sponsors, teams, word waiters, basket and prize donors we raised over $35,000! Click here to see the complete listing

Click here to see the final scores and team rankings

Watch our  ScrabbleBee Video!