Welcome New Corrections Instructor James Jeffries

Literacy Chippewa Valley recently hired a new Corrections Instructor – James Jeffries. Jim is teaching education and vocational literacy classes at the Eau Claire County Jail, and is currently coordinating the Parents Sharing Books program there.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, and a Master of Education in Professional Development in American Studies. He was previously employed at North High School in Eau Claire as a Social Studies and English Teacher.

Jim and his wife are also playwrights whose plays have been performed in every U.S. state and around the world in places such as Germany, Croatia, and Thailand. They have their own company for selling plays called Jest Scripts and they work with publishers to sell other plays.  While they specialize in comedies, two of their serious plays, “The Ninth Train” and “Locked-In,” have won awards.  They’ve been writing together for 25 years and are still married, which, Jim says, is no small thing when your spouse cuts your favorite lines.

When asked about his new job as Corrections Instructor, Jim said, “I want to help inmates successfully re-enter public life through education. Education is the key to getting out of all types of prisons.”  Welcome Jim, to the LCV staff!