Celebrate Writing 2018: “What Are Your Traditions?”

Each year Literacy Chippewa Valley students are given the opportunity to be published in a book of student writings.

“What Are Your Traditions?” is the theme for this year’s book. Students are encouraged to write about a custom or practice that has been passed down through their family or culture.  Can’t think of a past tradition? What is something you would like to create in the future?

Our book will include photos with the writings. Photo should be a head and shoulders shot, and may include the student holding an object that represents part of their tradition. Work with your student on answering any of the following prompts. It can be as short as one to two sentences or a complete short story.  (Some help with word-smithing is fine provided that the student’s voice is preserved in the writing.)  Contact your staff support person if you would like some writing resources. Remember that you and your student will each receive a copy of the published book.

Traditions represent a critical piece of our culture.  They help form the structure and foundation of our families and society. Traditions contribute to our sense of belonging, reinforce our values, and create lasting memories.

Here are some prompts to further assist you:

  • When you were growing up, what tradition did your family have for a particular holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year)? Were there special foods that you ate? Songs that you sang? Activities that you participated in?
  • Do you carry on that family tradition today?
  • What forms of cultural heritage do you celebrate today?
  • Have you established a new tradition or one that you would you like to create in the future?

To get started writing, gather some ideas by asking your student some of the questions from the prompts above.  Jot down their answers as a list or on index cards or in related clusters on a sheet of paper. When you’ve generated plenty of good ideas, have the student choose several of them to expand, then together make a list or jot down ideas about how their tradition shapes who they are today.

Are you off to a good start?  Only a few steps left — but they may take some time:

  • Help the student put the ideas into written sentences (and maybe paragraphs, too).  Don’t worry about mistakes at this point — just get it in writing.
  • Then help the student revise the work.  Revising is just correcting mistakes and re-arranging sentences so the story makes sense to the reader.
  • Remember, it’s OK to assist your student in this process as long as the student’s voice is still shown in the writing. Have some fun together with this project!

Please help students type (prefer Microsoft Word) or print their article so it is legible. Thank you!

 Student Photo Process: A cropped head and shoulders shot of student, so all students (including incarcerated) can participate. The tutor may take the photo or you can contact the office. The process of emailing staff, leaving a phone message and making an appointment to get photo taken – all make great lessons, too!

  • Chippewa County – Help your student make an appointment with Louise Bentley by phone715-738-3857, or email Louise.Bentley@literacycv.org.
  • Dunn County – Help your student make an appointment with Stacy Martin by phone 715-233-5363 or email Stacy.Martin@literacycv.org.
  • Eau Claire County – Have your student call 715-834-0222 to make an appointment with staff, or stop at the Family Literacy desk during office hours. Eau Claire office hours are Monday-Thursday 9-4:00 and by appointment on Friday. Remember that both Family Literacy and 1-to-1 are both housed in the Wilson Building at 510 S. Farwell St.

How to Submit: Please have your student(s) sign the 2018 Celebrate Writing Release Form in addition to the student’s writing. Stories can be submitted anytime, but must be received no later than April 24, 2018. Early entries are encouraged! There are several ways to submit:

  • Preferred method: Email the submission and release to Bentley@literacycv.org. Attach a copy of the student’s writing submission and a scan of the 2018 Celebrate Writing release form. The student’s writing submission can be a Microsoft Word document or a legible handwritten draft.
  • Drop off or mail the student’s writing submission and 2018 Celebrate Writing Release Form to an LCV office (addresses shown on release form).